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Garden Design

Our goal is simple: to help you become a better steward of your outdoor space.

Our ecological garden design service is an in-depth, detailed drawing of a landscape design for your space, along with relevant resources and information.

The process usually looks like this:

  1. We will complete an initial consultation where we talk about the space and what your wants and needs are. A home visit will be scheduled if needed.

  2. I will take all of the information from our discussion and create a design drawing and detailed plant list that caters to your specific garden.

  3. I send the design over email with steps you can take to move forward.

  4. If you have any questions after looking over the design you can reach back out to me and we can discuss further.

  5. I will send you an invoice after the design and discussion has been completed.

A typical design costs between $150-$300 depending on the space.

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